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Profitable Ways to Utilise PVC Scrap

Growing industrialization undoubtedly means more waste. PVC is one of the most versatile and durable thermoplastics and is utilized in several industries. This means that it is in turn produced in larger volumes. However, like other forms of plastics, a large percentage of PVC ends up in landfills after use.

This continuous and uncontrolled disposal serves to accelerate the increasing global warming effects that we are experiencing. This is because of the greenhouse gases emitted in its wake and the toxicity levels of the material. In order to stop this looming catastrophe, we have to adopt recycling into our business and manufacturing processes.

Material recovery is one of the most sustainable and economical methods to use in our efforts to go green. Encorra’s values are rooted in the fostering and development of our ecosystem for present and future generations. We have invested heavily in the plastic recycling industry to ensure we make a difference in the global sustainability initiative.

Encorra offers you a solution for all your PVC scrap needs.  We carefully and meticulously sort out the waste to ensure that we deliver nothing but the best to you. We are your best bet when on the hunt for the perfect eco-friendly and affordable choice of plastic recycling material for your business.

PVC Scrap

PVC is a plastic synthetic polymer that is solid and brittle in nature. PVC scrap is a by-product of the industrial process that PVC material undergoes during manufacturing. This waste normally ends up piling up around us and polluting the environment since it is not biodegradable.

Recycling PVC scrap helps us minimize energy consumption utilized in the production of virgin PC and the overall carbon footprint.

PVC is considered toxic to children because of the chemical additives it holds. We recommend that you always avoid food contact with PVC material. It is therefore vital that PVC scrap is recycled and reused to minimize its effects on our environment. The nature of PVC makes it easily recyclable using mechanical processing.

PVC is also well known for its versatility. However, its uses are not limited to its original material. PVC scraps can be used for a range of applications similar to virgin PVC. Let’s take a look at some of the profitable ways you can utilize PVC scrap:

 House Construction

Recycled PVC can be used to manufacture window frames, produce flooring, and drainage. Shower curtains and even your home walls and ceilings can utilize PVC scrap. Other than the fact that you will purchase this material at a lesser cost, it features top-notch durability standards. We all want quality for our homes right?


PVC scrap that has undergone chemical recycling is utilized in the medical industry in the manufacture of oxygen masks, blister packaging, and surgical gloves. Its contribution to medicare cannot be overlooked.

Civil Construction

PVC scrap is commonly used in road construction due to its composition and structure. It is also used to make products used in traffic management such as traffic cones and signs. Its versatile nature is truly a marvel.


PVC scrap has a wide demand in the automobile industry for the production of car components such as dashboards, car panels, sealants, and armrests. This enhances durability, reduces cost, and most importantly is recyclable.


The electronic industry utilizes PVC material because of its insulation properties. It is therefore largely used in cable construction and wring to serve the bedding and sheathing functions. It is one of the most easily modified thermoplastics hence its wide use in the electronic industry.

Why Recycle PVC?

Waste Management

Recycling PVC provides a sustainable method for long-term waste management channels. PVC recycling also reduces the need for manufacturing virgin PVC. This means that landfills can only grow smaller meaning less environmental pollution. Collective contribution to this cause is the only way to enhance waste management processes.


The manufacture of virgin PVC is costly and consumes high power which is a non-renewable resource. This in turn also increases the amount of greenhouse gas emissions. Recycling PVC will ensure that we are able to cut down on the cost of production and air pollution. Low cost of production will also allow you to price your products at a reasonable rate. This is sure to improve your sales and help you achieve all-around success for your business.


The main objective of recycling PVC is to help us enhance and build a healthier ecosystem. PVC material once introduced to the environment is very harmful. We have all noted the growing impact of the global warming effects and change is needed. Recycling PVC and absorption of PVC scrap into our manufacturing processes to make other products helps us to build a sustainable environment for future generations.

Bottom Line

At Encorra, we believe that a bright, healthy, and sustainable future is possible for all of us. We aim to help all plastic recyclers achieve success in their business by providing you with high-quality, clean, and well-sorted PVC scrap to suit our needs. Whatever form you may need the PVC scrap to be delivered in whether pellets, powder, or granular, we have your back. We have integrated technology to streamline business processes and help you enjoy quality and comprehensive customer service support.

Industrialization is steadily on the rise with modern-day demand.  We hope to make a contribution to the way PVC scrap and plastic waste, in general, are looked at. We look forward to serving and growing with you. We pride ourselves in using environmentally and socially sound business practices. Let’s get better, together. We are the change we want.

The problem of plastic pollution needs a creative solution. So, are you environmentally conscious or on the hunt for low-cost raw materials to help increase your business profit margins?  Then your search is over. If you are an enterprise trying to source recycled PVC, we are here for you. Encorra guarantees you fast and affordable countrywide shipping in India and affordable PVC scrap rates. Contact Encorra Polymers today and enjoy the best rates!


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