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Unveiling the Future of Packaging: Multi Layer Plastics

Introducing our revolutionary Multi Layer Plastics (MLP), the ultimate packaging solution for packaging like FMCG food packages. MLP that we procure from top companies like ITC and HUL are recycled and catered according to the manufacturing needs. These cutting-edge packaging materials that are meticulously designed to cater to the modern-day demands of the packaging industry, ensuring superior preservation and protection for a wide range of products. 


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Multi Layer Plastic


Crafted with precision and innovation, our MLP is the result of extensive research and development, making it the ideal choice for your packaging needs.

Experience the innovation and efficiency of Multi Layer Plastics, your ultimate solution for secure and sustainable packaging. Embrace the future of packaging technology with us!

-What is MLP and some examples

MLP is a specialized form of plastic packaging that typically consists of two or more layers of different plastic resins, each serving a distinct purpose. For example, the inner layer may provide rigidity and strength, while the outer layer may offer enhanced printability and protection from external factors. Some common examples of MLP packaging include:


  1. Flexible Laminates: Often used for packaging snacks, dry food items, and beverages, flexible laminates usually combine layers of polyethylene (PE) and polyester (PET) or aluminum foil.


  1. Tetra Pack: Frequently used for liquid food products like milk, fruit juices, and soups, Tetra Pak is composed of paperboard, aluminum, and polyethylene layers.


  1. Stand-up Pouches: Widely utilized for packaging pet food, granola, and various other products, stand-up pouches typically consist of multiple layers of different plastics.

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