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How many types of PP material exist in the market?

The rise of global warming and shifting global climatic conditions emphasize the need for recycling. Recycling provides one of the surest ways to reclaim our ecosystem and reduce the ravaging global warming effects that are steadily on the rise. Recycled PP can be turned into valuable products and materials. Rather than viewing it as a waste, PP can become a valuable resource in crafting and producing other products.

Encorra aims to promote community health in India and develop and create a better environment by taking the necessary action to address existing environmental challenges. We primarily do this through recycling plastic waste. A large percentage of plastic waste is made up of PP material. This is because it is widely consumed in households globally in form of packaging material.

Recycling is therefore especially profitable to businesses because it reduces the cost of sourcing virgin material. This in turn lowers the cost of goods making for a thriving economy and better standards of living. It is also an easily sustainable process. This article will educate you on the types of PP materials available in the market, their applications, and what we can do to harness more value for tangible environmental and social impact.

What is PP?

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic blend of PP monomers and is crystalline in nature. It is a product of the distillation of hydrocarbon fuels. This process causes them to separate into fractions due to differences in weight. The fractions can be left as is or undergo polymerization to produce other forms of plastic.

It is well known for its durability and toughness. Largely adopted through the manufacture of packaging materials, it has led to the rise of a lucrative million-dollar industry. It is therefore important that we recycle and use it consciously to avoid increasing PP waste in the environment.

There are two forms of polypropylene in the market. This includes:

Polypropylene Copolymer

This form of PP is made by blending propene and ethane through polymerization. This form of PP can be further categorized into 2 by the units of ethane in the compound. Random copolymer is characterized by ethane units whose mass is not more than 6%. They usually boast a clear appearance. Block copolymer contains a larger ethane mass of up to 15%. It is usually tougher and is a great option for industrial use.

Polypropylene Homopolymer

This grade is commonly used for general purpose applications and is semi-crystalline in nature.it is commonly utilized by electrical companies, protective packaging, and even health care institutions for medical equipment.

Distinct characteristics to keep in mind when choosing the PP to use

Impact resistance

Copolymer features high impact resistance compared to Homopolymer. Homopolymer is however better suited for corrosion resistant surfaces and structures.

Ease of processing

Copolymer is more easy to process and can be manufactured into more diverse products. Homopolymer features good processability but cannot match its counterpart.


Homopolymer is more stiff compared to the copolymer. It also features a higher strength-to-weight ratio.


If you are looking for durability, then copolymer has your back. Its higher impact strength and softness give it an edge in this area.

Food contact

Food contact is acceptable for Homopolymer but you should always keep your food away from copolymer compounds.

Though these two types of PP share a majority of their properties, they each serve better in different applications. We hope that the above listing will help you to choose which PP will be best suited to serve your needs.

Common PP Applications in Manufacturing

Injection molding

PP is crucial in the injection molding process. PP pellets comes most recommended for this application. This is because it is very easy to mold and is characterized by very low viscosity which is perfect for this process. It observes very good flow which makes it easy to fill up a mold.


PP fibre is utilized in the production of tapes, staple fibre, and bulk strapping. This is mainly because of Polypropylene’s lightweight nature and low cost of purchase.
Automotive industry

Automotive interiors require a mono-material solution for aesthetics and quality. PP serves both these functions. Its tough nature and resistance to chemicals also make it ideal for use in auto motives.


PP material has become integral in the manufacture of both rigid and flexible packaging. From simple biscuit packaging to tough crates used to transport soda bottles, PP has become an important material in the production of suitable packaging for a variety of applications.

CNC Machining

PP is one of the best plastics to use in CNC machining. Its tough and durable nature makes it perform very well in this process. Some of the reasons that make PP great for CNC machining include its low cost, chemical-resistant nature, and degreasing agents. It’s great tensile strength and lightweight nature also make it one of the best options for this function.

Final thoughts

The rapid growth of industrialization and increasing human population increases the need for PP material globally. Encorra provides quality and affordable PP scrap waste that will help you lower your cost of production while reducing the need for virgin material. This will significantly minimize the energy consumed during production and overall greenhouse gas emissions. These little steps will us create a better ecosystem.

We cannot ignore the danger of plastic pollution within our environment. As industrialization increases, more of the waste keeps being spread around us. It is high time that we embrace recycling and material recovery in order to build a sustainable and eco-friendlier home for future generations. It is time for a change.

ENCORRA understands the need for sustainable manufacturing processes. Contact us today and make a notable impact toward a more sustainable environment! Our professional staff will be at hand to serve you and help you with any questions you may have. We are committed to ensuring that you enjoy value for your money and offer cost-effective services for an all-around excellent customer service experience.


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