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HDPE Blue Drum Grinding Scrap

A comprehensive explainer video from Encorra Polymers for various plastic scraps for the recycling unit. Encorra offers a complete solution for all your raw materials imported from major countries at the best price with fast shipping and 24/7 support.
Watch this short briefing video to know the raw materials supplier Encorra Polymers for every firm in the plastic industry. Whether you are anyone among them Manufacturing companies, Plastic processing companies, Recycling companies, Packaging companies, Construction companies, Textile Apparel Companies, Automotive industry, Electronics industry, Medical industries, and Consumer Goods companies. Encorra offers every kind of plastic variety HDPE Scrap, PP Scrap and PVC Scrap, and more plastic raw materials that every industry needs.

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For years, our unwavering commitment to quality has made us the go-to provider for a comprehensive selection of premium plastic scrap products. Serving customers across India, we strive to offer the best products at the lowest prices, ensuring unparalleled value for your investment.


With our recycled plastic scraps, you not only enjoy high quality but also contribute to a more sustainable planet.



With years of experience in the industry, we possess extensive knowledge and expertise in plastic scrap materials.



We offer a widely applied comprehensive selection of LDPE film scrap and HDPE blue drum grinding scrap products.



We take pride in offering high-quality recycled plastic scraps that meet the highest standards of sustainability.



A service that offers amazing products with top quality but at highly affordable rates suited to the Indian economic landscape.



All our products are available country-wide, delivered with quick TAT for seamless experience.



Our streamlined processes and attention to detail guarantee timely delivery and customer satisfaction.


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The best PP Scrap plastic at affordable rates. Contact us to know more.


For the top-grade PPCP Scrap, we are here to provide you with best. Contact us to know more!

Get the strongest plastic scrap for your manufacturing business at affordable rates all across the country.

A composite material that can be used mix with wood, LDPE Scrap is the best for the production of everyday plastic goods.

A low grade, but durable plastic, LLDPE is used in a variety of industries. Contact us now to know more!

Known for its dynamic characteristics, this material is well demanded in numerous industries across the sectors. Contact us for the best ABS Scraps now!

Make use of HIPS Scrap to produce a range of plastic products at low cost. Contact us today to purchase the best HIPS Scraps.


Lightweight and inexpensive, PVC is perfect for creation of sturdy plastic products. Contact us for more information.

Lightweight and inexpensive, PVC is perfect for creation of sturdy plastic products. Contact us for more information.

Want to Buy LDPE Lumps at Affordable price?

LDPE (Low-Density Polyethylene) lumps are an essential raw material.